#07 – Killin’ Prim

Welcome back everybody! Although being one of the slowest news weeks in history, we host a cleverly-named random segment, discuss TGH: Ch. 10 and 11 in Chapter Chat with an unexpected Shakespeare reference, and discuss a quote-unquote sick and horrifying In The Arena. Enjoy, and please vote for us at the 2011 Podcast Awards!

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  1. So chapter 9 is being completely skipped?

    • Oh wow! We completely messed up on that. We’re really sorry about that mistake, there’s somewhat of a bad explanation that we’ll say on the next episode… Sorry again, everybody!

    • Halee
    • October 12th, 2011

    It’s okay Hurley, we all make mistakes! :) Umm, but I’m LOVING the title. It just makes me want to laugh

    Killin’ Prim is somethin’ we all love to do
    Killin’ Prim makes Katniss feel blue
    Rue is amazing, all the time
    This poem is really sucky because I can’t rhyme
    Rue will have the victory
    She will go down in history
    All of Panem will love her
    ‘Cuz she just has that lure
    Killin’ Prim is so much fun
    And now I’m sure your glad that this poem is done

    I hope you enjoyed my sucky poem! :)

  2. I already sent in an email (I thought of this RIGHT after I hit send) but would it be possible for Rebellion Radio to start up FFFFF again? :)

      • teampeetagirl
      • November 2nd, 2011

      What’s FFFFF?

  3. A poem for killing Prim

    The eyes of who I could of been
    Stare back at me in death
    Her life was mine
    I lived it like she did
    I felt loss as she did
    And she felt my pain
    We both starved
    We both scrapped
    We both worked
    But now her heart has stopped
    With one slice of a blade
    The heart I shared with love for the Mocking jay
    Never again shall her heart live
    And part of my heart has now been killed by regret

    April is my favorite (What now Hurley) and you guys rock
    Please red my poem!!!

    • teampeetagirl
    • November 2nd, 2011

    Ya know….. This is late but I’m in a poemy mood SO…

    Killin prim is really fun
    And now teampeetagirl’s poem is done

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