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#40 – “Mockingjay: Part 2” Review

It’s been over a year and a half since we’ve officially announced the end of our show, but we promised you we’d be here to talk about each of the remaining films. In our final episode (for the foreseeable future), we discuss “Mockingjay: Part 2”, as well as reflect on an era of podcasting and the Hunger Games fandom. As always, thank you for listening!


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#39 – “Mockingjay: Part 1” Review

We’re back! The whole gang returns to discuss everything about the latest film, “Mockingjay: Part 1”. The viewpoints on the film are all across the board, making for good discussion (and a few laughs along the way). Thanks for tuning in, and please enjoy!


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#38 – Rebellion Radio Says Farewell

Rebellion Radio says farewell. Nothing much else to say in this description except for a huge THANK YOU to the fans!

Please stay subscribed to this podcast feed, we explain why in the episode! Please enjoy.


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All Good Things…

Hello all,


Hurley here. Thanks to all who are reading this message. I’m typing this post to announce some news: the show, in its current format of regular episodes, is coming to a close.

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#37 – Catching Fire Film Review

Please enjoy our first episode of many that will discuss the Catching Fire film!

We are experiencing technical difficulties on our feed with previous episodes, so we thank you all for your continued patience! We hope this episode will be enough for the next couple of days. Thanks again!

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Catching Fire is out – What did you think?

The day we have been waiting for is finally here, and the Catching Fire film has been released!

We are recording our Review Episode this Sunday. If you have thoughts about the film (and we know that you do!), email them to us at for a chance to have them read on the show.

We’ll see you then!

#36 – Weak Spot

Our final episode before the film premiere of Catching Fire! We discuss major news concerning both the Catching Fire and future Mockingjay films, and our Chapter Chat covers the last 3 chapters of Catching Fire. Enjoy, and do not forget to email us in your thoughts about the film once it is released!

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#35 – Alternate Ending

Welcome, Rebels! We discuss News, including book-to-movie changes, read a Chicken Soup for the Hunger Games’ Soul email, & Chapter Chat! Catching Fire Chapters 23 & 24 are featured in this episode. Do not miss this episode, and thanks for tuning in!

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Night Rebels #04 – Escalation

We reunite with fellow Hunger Games podcast Nightlock to discuss the Quarter Quell Character Posters, as well as the Theatrical Catching Fire Trailer! Follow along at home, and let us know what you thought of the trailer.

Trailer Link:


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#34 – Catching Fire Trailer

We discuss the first trailer for the Catching Fire film, and read some of our listener mail as well. After the credits, we have a little fun with Story Time and talk about the origins of our show! Enjoy.

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#33 – Tick Tock

Hey Rebels! We’re so sorry for the long delay of this episode, but we hope that the content makes up for it. We kick off 2013 with a few News Stories, Mailbag (Emails and Comments), and jump right back into Chapter Chat: Catching Fire! This week, we discuss Chapters 21 and 22, where we really get into the thick of the games. Enjoy!

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#32 – Fried Force Field Food

We’re back folks! And better than ever. We discuss the latest Breaking News, talk about Chs. 19-20 of Catching Fire during Chapter Chat, and unveil a new segment called “What If?” Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, everybody.

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#31 – Panem Paradigm

Welcome back, folks! In our 31st episode, we delve into News, read off listener Mail, and debut not one, but TWO new segments! Panem Paradigm discusses the idea of representative government in Panem, while Rebels Recommend gives y’all some of the hosts’ recommendations of books and movies. Enjoy!

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#30 – DVD Review

Hello, rebels! In our third decade of podcasting, we discuss the casting of Beetee, the Segment Contest winners, and the Bonus Features on THG DVD! Email us in with your thoughts of the DVD. Thanks for downloading, and enjoy! (Note: We forgot to include Rebels Recommend at the end of the show, which will be included next episode.)

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#29 – Give Them All Twelves!

Welcome back, rebels! This week, Hurley has returned, we have a SEGMENT CONTEST with a great prize (Due Sep. 5th), confirmation of our Finnick casting, Mailbag, and FanHRock. Chapter Chat covers Ch. 17-18 of CF, and covers the tense days leading up to the actual games. Enjoy!

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#28 – Useless Goodspeech

In the first ever show without Hurley (oh dear), the rest of the gang take over as they discuss some casting news, a new director for the Mockingjay films, and more name insight! Chapter Chat covers Ch. 15 and 16 of Catching Fire, where we discuss the new tributes of the 75th Games, and whether THG-Olympics comparisons are fair. Enjoy!

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#27 – The Hunger-Over

Welcome back, everybody! This week, we get into exciting casting news, emails, and Chapters 13 and 14 from Catching Fire! We discuss the rules for volunteering for the games, Katniss’s alcohol issues, and whether the Capitol sells VHS tapes of old games. Enjoy!

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#26 – Prim’s Directions

Welcome back, rebels! Finally, we have casting news, emails and comments from listeners, FanHRock, and we discuss Catching Fire: Ch. 11-12! We talk about The Capitol’s District 13 footage, Quarter Quell conspiracy theories, as well as Prim’s bad directional skills. Also, there is an amazing song by a fan that you do NOT want to miss. Enjoy!

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#25 – Quarter Quell

Welcome, all! In our 25th episode (our first Quarter Quell), we have a new theme song, very little news (as usual), the offensive butchering of various accents, emails and comments from listeners, FanHRock, and Chapter Chat for Ch. 9-10 of Catching Fire, where we discuss what would have happened if Peeta was made the Rebellion’s poster child, not Katniss. Enjoy!

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Night Rebels #03 – Casting Fire

Hey everybody! This week, we have a surprise joint episode with our friends at Nightlock Podcast. In this much more laid-back episode, we discuss our dream cast for the upcoming Catching Fire film, other actors being considered, and a fight segment called Dueling in the Dark Arena. Enjoy! And don’t forget to visit Nightlock over at

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#24 – IMAX Murder

Welcome back, everybody! This week, we have news (finally), FanHRock, Chapter Chat for Catching Fire: Chapters 7 and 8, and something that the fans have been waiting for a long time… We’ll give you a hint. It involves a bet, and very bad singing. Enjoy!

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#23 – You Didn’t Have To Cut My Tongue

Welcome back to the show, folks! This week, we have Emails and Comments, the premiere of FanHrock, and Chapter Chat, where we discuss Chapters 5 and 6 of Chapter Fire. There is more word play, more song references, and more fun than ever before as we near summer. Enjoy!

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#22 – Katniss-Alyst

We are back, everybody! The lack of news this week is made up by great listener mail, clever (or not) Hunger Games word play, and an extremely trippy HRock selection. In Chapter Chat, we discuss Ch. 3 and 4 of Catching Fire, and the HRock segment gets a new twist. Enjoy!

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#21 – Fire Is Catching

Welcome back, Rebels! While the news this week is sparse, we finally start up Chapter Chat again, this time with Catching Fire: Chapters 1-2! We also have a variety of listener messages that bring up things such as connections to mythology, Francis Lawrence, as well as a record-breaking email. Enjoy!

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#20 – An Arrow In Her Eye

It’s the big two-oh! On our 20th episode, we discuss our favorite book of the series, THG and its similarities with Battle Royale, the sad departure of Gary Ross, what to expect from CF director Francis Lawrence. Plus, we play a little round of In The Arena with Johanna and Katniss, so be sure to vote! Thanks for listening!

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#19 – The Hunger Games Conundrum (Or Paradox, Your Pick)

Welcome back, everybody! This week, we ask ourselves. Will Gary Ross return? What do our listeners think of the film? How do we think the Companion Album and the Score sound? How cool is Hurley for playing 30-second samples of a few songs? And what exactly is The Hunger Games Conundrum? All this and more, answered in the show!

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#18 – Movie Madness

This is it, folks! Join us on our first of many episodes featuring discussion of the just-released film! Our thoughts on acting, score, special effects, characters, emotions, specific scenes, cinematography, and much more!

Please email in your own thoughts of the film, and they may be read on the next episode.

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#17 – Who Ordered This Pig?

It is the last episode before the film! Join us as we have some fun with a presidential In The Arena, which pits Snow against Coin. Then we analyze the fantastic finale of The Hunger Games, play a fun little round of Trivia that makes podcasting history, and much more! (Also: Who ordered this pig?)

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#16 – Stalemate

Welcome back folks, and sorry for the delay of this episode. News includes awesome new TV Spots, the all-new merchandise (Ooh! Action figures!), and the list of artists from the Companion Album! Mailbag includes listeners trailer reactions, and we analyze Chapters 25 and 26 of THG in Chapter Chat. Enjoy!

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Night Rebels #02 – Try, You Will

The second trailer for the film has been released! Follow along with both us and Nightlock Podcast as we analyze the trailer, frame-by-frame. Check out the always amazing Nightlock Podcast at

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#15 – Chemically Imbalanced

Welcome back to the show! The announced board game, several photos,, the final movie poster of course, and many more news stories are discussed. During Chapter Chat: Ch. 23-24, we talk about Haymitch’s past, Foxface’s death and some of our issues with it, and how insane Cato really is. Enjoy!

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#14 – On The Rebound

Thanks for tuning in, everybody! This week welcomes back Mr. Alex Bulova, has great emails from listeners, and discussion on Ch. 21 and 22 of THG. We always blame Katniss for being oblivious toward’s Peeta’s love, but what about Peeta? We also announce the winner from the last ‘In The Arena’, and have a surprising ‘HRock’ selection. Enjoy!

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#13 – He’s a Smartie

Welcome back, one and all, to Rebellion Radio! In our lucky thirteenth episode, we discuss the new Taylor Swift song Safe and Sound, plenty of thought-provoking listener emails, and cover Chapters 19-20 in Chapter Chat. Our analysis includes the oblivious nature of Katniss, as well as the similarities between her and Haymitch. Enjoy!

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#12 – Panem Holidays

Happy Holidays everybody! This surprise mini-sode covers news, a couple of emails, and a main discussion about the idea of holidays and religion in Panem. Enjoy!

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#11 – Now Available: Toilet Plungers

Welcome back to another episode of Rebellion Radio! This week, we discuss the replacement of Danny Elfman, some less-than-clever merchandising, the all-new theatrical poster, the two most depressing chapters in THG, and bring back our IN THE ARENA segment, featuring a fight between Clove and Foxface! Enjoy, and do not forget to pre-order our all-new toilet plungers!

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#10 – 3-D Night Vision Goggles

Hello Rebels! This week is the big One-Oh, and we have some great segments lined up! We discuss various merchandise news, have a Chapter Chat: THG Chapters 15-16, and the debut of a segment that involves what seems to be a new show tradition! We hope you enjoy!

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Night Rebels #01 – The Trailer

At long last, our joint episode with Nightlock Podcast is here! We analyze the newly-released film trailer, frame-by-frame! Discussion covers aesthetics to cinematography, and music to the beard of Seneca Crane. Follow along at home with the trailer yourself, and check out our very good friends Kira and Matt from the excellent Nightlock Podcast at

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#09 – Jolly Mugshots

Welcome back, Rebels! The amount of news is HUGE this episode, with the posters, interviews, photo shoots, and more. Hurley’s crush on Jennifer Lawrence is fully examined, and then of course, comes the regular dosage of Listener Mailbag, Chapter Chat: TGH Chapters 13-14, and HRock! Not to mention the introduction of an all-new, listener-centric segment! Enjoy!

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#08 – Katniss Gets A Giggle

Welcome back everybody! This episode is full of Hunger Games goodness, with the latest News, Mailbag that includes TWO rather dark but hilarious poems, an exciting Chapter Chat (covering THG, Chapters 9 and 12), and an entertaining round of Triva! Enjoy, and please do not forget to vote for us at the Podcast Awards!

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#07 – Killin’ Prim

Welcome back everybody! Although being one of the slowest news weeks in history, we host a cleverly-named random segment, discuss TGH: Ch. 10 and 11 in Chapter Chat with an unexpected Shakespeare reference, and discuss a quote-unquote sick and horrifying In The Arena. Enjoy, and please vote for us at the 2011 Podcast Awards!

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#06 – The Secrets Of The Woods

Welcome back! This week includes the latest News, Mailbag, Chapter Chat: THG Chapters 7-8, and not one, but TWO brand new segments: In The Arena and HRock! Enjoy! And please do not forget to nominate us for the 2011 Podcast Awards (see our site for details).

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#05 – Teaser Talk

Thanks for tuning in! This week includes, of course, our complete and thorough discussion on the recently released movie teaser, various Gary Ross interviews, and our theories on Chapter Chat this week covers THG chapters 5 and 6, and includes a crazy but genius MEGA MYSTERY-SOLVING MIND-BLOWING THEORY. Enjoy!

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#04 – Auto-Tuned Lullaby

Welcome back, fellow Rebels! The show this week includes the latest news, Listener Mailbag, and the triumphant return of Chapter Chat. We cover The Hunger Games: Chapters 2-4, analyzing Peeta’s relationship with his parents, real-world parallels to The Capitol, a heated and in-depth dispute over Gale as a character, plus much, much more!

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#03 – Hunger Games Hotties

Because Hurley is overseas, the show length and audio quality are less than usual, but it is a good one folks! We discuss the new online movie poster, the Entertainment Weekly feature on Gale and Peeta, and have fun with a brand new segment!

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#02 – Shaved Unibrow

Thanks for returning to Rebellion Radio, now with double as many episodes as before! Episode #2 introduces two new hosts, Elena and April, a discussion on our thoughts on the cast, and a brand new segment: Chapter Chat!

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#01 – Pilot

Hello and welcome to the very 1st episode of Rebellion Radio, a brand new Hunger Games Podcast! Episode #1 introduces your hosts, and only covers the latest big news stories (later episodes will feature book discussion). This week features the decision to split the films into 4, a geeky moment, and a fun parody. Enjoy!

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