#08 – Katniss Gets A Giggle

Welcome back everybody! This episode is full of Hunger Games goodness, with the latest News, Mailbag that includes TWO rather dark but hilarious poems, an exciting Chapter Chat (covering THG, Chapters 9 and 12), and an entertaining round of Triva! Enjoy, and please do not forget to vote for us at the Podcast Awards!

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    • Halee
    • October 29th, 2011

    So here’s another one of my fabulous poems! Enjoy! :)

    Who would be so stupid as to start a fire at night?
    All this did was bring Katniss some fright
    The fire signaled the Careers
    Causing the girl to cry out in fear
    Stab, stab, stab
    This made Peeta sad
    Stab, stab, stab
    This made Cato glad
    But who would be so stupid as to start a fire at night
    This District 8 tribute didn’t do right

      • teampeetagirl
      • November 2nd, 2011

      Thank you for the fabulous poem halee with two es instead of an ey

        • Halee
        • November 4th, 2011

        Two es instead of an ey? What do you mean…?

        • Halee
        • November 4th, 2011

        oh my gosh! I feel stupid… I got it now :) no need to explain ;)

    • teampeetagirl
    • November 2nd, 2011

    Thnx for saying my fanfic last ep! Id love to hear you do a discussion on what hidden couples you see in the hunger games. In fact.. I wrote a little poem.

    Clato is obvious,
    Gadge is too.
    Nightlock pod’s awesome
    But not as much as you!!


  1. Oh thank you!!!! I’m going to right more for you too. Oh and I’m an experienced poet, despite only being 11, and i don’t like people mispronouncing words and placing in words like crap. You know who I’m wagging my finger at!!!! Gust one more reason April is awesome, not you!!! Give me a minute to finish the episode and then I’ll post another poem.

    • teampeetagirl
    • November 6th, 2011

    Took a picture of gale with my iPhone.. Pasted it onto virtual crash dummy… Pushed him down the stairs.

    I love Stair Dismount.


      • Halee
      • November 6th, 2011

      That. Is. GENIUS.

        • teampeetagirl
        • November 7th, 2011

        Tank youz.

      • teampeetagirl
      • November 17th, 2011

      You should get stair dismount. It’s fun! (Next I’m gonna paste a pic of president snow if I can find one ;))

    • TeamPuckandGale9911
    • November 26th, 2011

    I enjoyed this greatly!
    Here is a lot of love from me!!!

  2. A round of applause for your article post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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