Night Rebels #02 – Try, You Will

The second trailer for the film has been released! Follow along with both us and Nightlock Podcast as we analyze the trailer, frame-by-frame. Check out the always amazing Nightlock Podcast at

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    • Jazmine
    • February 12th, 2012

    great analysis, as always :D about the whole discussion about whether or not Katniss was in the arena, i am completely convinced that she was in the arena. the 1st reason is that if you can look closely ,she had the orange backpack.the 2nd reason is she is wearing the arena jacket .3rd (and you discussed it) is the bow that she is holding is silver, and the arrows look all Capitalized. also the bow and arrows are the same ones that she had in the training center ,and at the end of the teaser trailer. so,um…ya. keep up the awesome work . love both podcasts. ur’s truely
    Forever HG fan-Jazmine

  1. i really liked this trailer, but it wasn’t as good as the other one! They didn’t give us very much new stuff, and the filming was Really BAD! i still screamed when it came out though.

    • Clover Everdeen
    • February 15th, 2012

    I think that the screen shot at 0:47 is in the Games. Sorry, Alex. You can see that she is wearing the raincoat that the Tributes are required to wear in the games. (im listening to this while typine) oh, Elena and April just pointed that out. Oh well

  2. Oh My Mocking Jay! now I know why Gale’s neck is so long. (here’s my story)

    You see, District 12 is a very mixed-up place. All the best fruit grows at the top of the trees, so in order to get it, Gale must reach his neck up (like a giraffe) to get it (because his neck is longer than his arms). and all that stretching made his neck that long. Now that people is the story of Gale’s neck.
    The End.
    I love your podcast keep it funny!!
    Laina :))

      • Molly
      • February 22nd, 2012

      In the books it says that katniss was the only one who could reach the fruit in the highest trees, so Galen’s solution must of been stretching his neck up. I mean it’s a lot more logical then using your arms right?

      • Molly
      • February 23rd, 2012

      You know you boys want to meet her in person!!!!!!!

    • Molly
    • February 23rd, 2012

    I just wanna run, by the downtown fiction
    It seems like its in katniss’s Pov and it’s on her conflict with snow peeta and gale

  3. Great bblog post

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