#18 – Movie Madness

This is it, folks! Join us on our first of many episodes featuring discussion of the just-released film! Our thoughts on acting, score, special effects, characters, emotions, specific scenes, cinematography, and much more!

Please email in your own thoughts of the film, and they may be read on the next episode.

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    • heiting
    • March 26th, 2012

    No mention in the podcast about the the lack of the avox girl. We saw the hovercraft at the beginning but didn’t show it pick anyone up. In the capital we saw a servant in a red robe and I assume it was her but no mention. Early in the movie katniss did say something about the capital cutting her tongue off so they are acknowledging it but if you haven’t read the movie you have no idea. I think adding this would have made the capital more of a villain.

    On a side nite I loved ceaser and his smile. And for whatever reason I pictures cinna being bald and the last fighting scene with Cato happening in the daylight. But those are minor. I still am slightly bothered by no avox mention.

      • Molly
      • April 6th, 2012

      No I made sure to watch for this
      In the background of when the tributes are eating there is a red headed girl!!
      I don’t mood that ment anything but hope it helped

      • Foreverdeen
      • April 12th, 2012

      Hey, I also imagined the fight with Cato being in daylight. The missing mention of the avox girl and also the comparison of her to Delly Cartwright at the dinner table bothered me, too. That would have given Katniss more of a reason to trust Peeta.

    • Kevin Mayer
    • March 26th, 2012

    Hey guys, I’m a huge fan of you and the books. i just wanted to discuss a few things. My number one complaint is the Rue scene. I felt no emotion for the movie Rue. I loved the book Rue, and Amandla did a great job, but i timed from where Katniss met rue, to Rue’s death, it was 8 minutes! A lot happens in those 8 minutes! Also from when Katniss finds Peeta until when they leave the cave is only 12 minutes! thats the feast, the kissing, and everything! Also Haymitch shouldn’t have appeared so sober, he is broken down from the Hunger Games and drinks his troubles away, he was meant to be barely coherent, not smiling and and shaking hands with Capitol people(despite the fact that he has to get them sponsors. Also I didn’t like that Haymitch could send Katniss notes, that wouldnt have wrked in the games because then sponsors could twell about other characters’ weaknesses. Also the muttations didn’t look like tributes, but also they didn’t look intelligent, also they are wolves not dogs. This annoyed me. Finally Cato and Thresh deseved more screen time, I’m hoping for a super long Extended Edition at some point! All in all I enjoyed the movie, I saw it twice and there were many good things about it. Please do mention some of my comments and your thoughts about them on the show! Keep up the good work!!

      • Katniss12
      • March 29th, 2012

      Hey rebels!
      Okay, I REALLY loved this movie, but i also have a few complaints:
      First, you guys talked about theater experiences, in my theatre there was a pretty good adult/teen ratio,(i went on saturday) but peple still laughed and clapped at worst times! Everyone clapped when thresh killed clove, and the pack of teen girls we had the misfortune of sitting next to were talking at weird parts. Once, when they flash back to Gale and he looked really annoyed because of Peeta and Katniss, the teen pack was all sighing and one of them actually said, “I’ll take you Gale!” then, when Peeta is in the cave talking to katniss about when he first saw her, and how he watched her go home every day, one of them said, “creeper!”
      On the actual movie, my biggest complaint was all the things they rushed. I was really looking forward to the cave scenes, and in the book they stayed in the cave for like, five days, and in the
      Movie there were five minutes of cave scenes?and Rue. I wanted more of the Katniss/Rue alliance. I do like having the shaky cam in the districts to smooth in the capitol, and back to shaky in the arena, but a little less please! I really couldn’t tell what was going on! Also, Cato’s speech at the end on the cornucopia i was a little skeptical about. It does add depth to his character, but i feel like it’s depth we didn’t need. I feel maybe that speech was in there for the teen girls, since they didn’t get much katniss peeta romance. I mean, cato volunteered! ( the teen pack was going crazy at that part! “oh cato! Oh alexander oh! He’s so hot” ugh.) ive been complaoning alot so here is the stuff i liked. I thought all the acting was top notch, especially Jennifer and Josh. And Amandla, she made a great Rue. Also i loved all the added Seneca Crane scenes.

        • Katniss12
        • March 29th, 2012

        Also i loved Effie!!! My favorite line of the whole movie was “THAT IS MAHOGANY!” Ahhh.. Effie.
        And haymitch was great!! When he said something like, “accept the probability of your imminent demise” i laughed so hard! Sorry for the super long comments, (i accidentally hit send before i was done, sry) keep up the awsome work!!!!!

        • Altheen
        • April 8th, 2012

        In our theatre we had some girl teens as well, they were so anoying and they were laughing in the cave scene when Peeta said that the medicine felt so good -or words to that effect. Apart from that they were mostly quiet and sounds nowhere near as bad as your experience.

        • Molly
        • April 8th, 2012

        Oh in my theater, my friends and I were loud but the other people in the theater were quiet and we heard more then a few shushes

  1. OMG! you DO get to learn Foxface’s name!!!! It’s siad in her interview, i did hear, but they do say it!

  2. Laina :
    OMG! you DO get to learn Foxface’s name!!!! It’s said in her interview, i did hear, but they do say it!

    I mean i DIDN’T hear it… XP

    • Molly
    • April 6th, 2012

    Now for my hour long list
    1: rue’s death- a spear stabs you in he gut and you don’t even have the decency to give you a blood curdling scream?!!!! Really?
    2: I don’t remember the exact wording but Effie said something like, ” and as the tradition goes, laddies first!!!” it shouldn’t bother me but they couldn’t of left in that one tiny lIne?
    3: it took over an hour and a half to actually get into the arena!!!!!!
    4: when game scares away the deer, I laughed but it kinda annoyed me at the same time
    5: tracker jacket scene- LOVE IT!!!!!!! The glimmer part was amazing and extremely well done.
    6: hammitch talking to the game maker- this drove me nuts because it’s breaking all the rules of the games.
    7: distict 11- what the heck I love this scene. It showed how much everyone hated he hunger games
    8: foxface- have you ever seen someone with like what I call a pixie like fairy kind of face usually with red hair? This is what she looks like I pictured more like devilish smile and sly grin type.
    9: game maker office- I liked this and it looked really tech and sci-fi.
    10: knife on train- I love how the keep in this tiny part and kattniss12 I must agree. ” that’s mahogany!!!!!!!!”
    11: the small part of hammitch looking at this little kid with a sword: it really showed how different everyone embraces the hunger games
    12: everyone in the Capitol loves the games: okay I always bought of the capital as a distict most likely one, so is it that if you live in the Capitol you don’t have to particapate in the games
    13: backstory: they dropped all gale’s backstorys and their were so many!!!!!
    14: Alex or Hurley:)))))) hahahahahba I forget which one of you has to but you guys made a bet that one of you have to sing if the arrow scene wasn’t in the games or if it was!!!!!!! You have to sing the lyrics of one of the YouTube versions of tic tock hunger games style!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caitlin
    • April 9th, 2012

    Parts of the film that stuck out to me (by the way, I saw it twice c:)
    ~Rue’s Death (I cried the first time)
    ~The Mutt leaping at Peeta (although I knew it would happen, and even told my movie companions that I knew it was going to jump out, I leapt sky high both times)
    ~The Seneca scenes (the last one made me really pity him)

    Bits I didn’t like:
    ~The “Peeta!” shout was more of a whisper from Katniss
    ~Haymitch missing from the Reaping
    ~The lack of Peeta’s leg being gone
    ~The lack of clarity about Katniss NOT loving Peeta

    Also, you DO see Foxface’s name; I looked out especially the second time. She’s called ‘Finch’

    Great podcast as usual!!

      • The hunger game addict
      • April 9th, 2012

      I watched this movie three times and LOVED it! this is so weird because I never ever cry and I cried so much when I watched it!( my first time watching it was saturday the 24th)but since I am such a huge fan of the trilogy and get mad if someone makes the slightest mistake about it then I did have a few complaints but the BIGGEST thing that I think really they should’ve left in the movie was how at the end Peeta finds out that Katniss played the whole star crossed-lovers dynamic as an act! I mean come on! That has this huge effect on the rest of the books!!
      Anyways I love your guy’s podcast and hope you keep making more and thanks for reading this really long message!
      😜happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor

      • Foreverdeen
      • April 12th, 2012

      I agree with you like 100%! :D especially about the things you didn’t like, they really bothered me, too.

    • Foreverdeen
    • April 12th, 2012

    It’s really weird, I asked my friend who HAS read the book what she thought of the movie and she didn’t like it at all! But she watched it in German (I live in Germany and all the movies in the theatres are the german translated ones), so. I guess the translation wasn’t that great then. I am soo glad I watched it in english, it was really great! :D I can’t wait for the DVD to come out, LOL! Anyways, my other friends, who DON’T know the books, really liked the movie, so that’s really weird.
    I absolutely LOVE this show and I agree with you guys on so many levels. I feel really bad for my friends who haven’t read the books, because they also laughed at the weirdest places, like when someone got speared (I don’t think they meant Rue, though). Well, I feel bad for them, because they just don’t understand what it’s all about. Maybe I could get them to listen to you guys.. They should probably learn english first though…
    So anyways, sorry for the long comment! LOVE ♥ this show and keep on rebelling!! :)

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