#19 – The Hunger Games Conundrum (Or Paradox, Your Pick)

Welcome back, everybody! This week, we ask ourselves. Will Gary Ross return? What do our listeners think of the film? How do we think the Companion Album and the Score sound? How cool is Hurley for playing 30-second samples of a few songs? And what exactly is The Hunger Games Conundrum? All this and more, answered in the show!

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    • celia
    • April 9th, 2012

    Do not do that omg i almost had a heart atactk i luv this show and if you were to end welli will have nothing to rant about to my friends!!!!

    • The hunger game addict
    • April 9th, 2012

    Okay I am very sorry about making seperate comments it’s just that I am making the comments(so that I don’t forget later) and then listening to the rest of your podcast. Um I really do hope that they keep Gary Ross on the crew because I feel that he really portrayed the whole underlying message behind the series instead of focusing on the love triangle like how many of my friends are.i would definitely be devistated if he doesn’t show up for the remaining 3 movies

      • The hunger game addict
      • April 9th, 2012

      I hate how you guys tricked me! And I am terribly sorted If I keep resending this same message it is just that I don’t know what’s going on and I can’t see the first message I sent. So I think that the fandom reacting to the hunger games like how the Capitol would is very interesting because I have an identical personality with Katniss and I despise the Capitol very much, but now I realise that I am so obsessed with this trilogy that I am becoming part of this paradox!
      Now here is my burning question:
      In Catching Fire do you think that president Snow purposely rigged the raffeling of the 75th hunger games(3rd Quarter Quell) to make sure that the rebellion would end by having Katniss die in the arena?i think that this is very likely and I would love to know what your opinion is
      Thank you for your consideration
      Happy hunger games and may the odds be vet in your favor

    • Caitlin
    • April 10th, 2012

    Goodness me!! Please don’t April Fools like that ever again!! GAH!! I would DIE if I didn’t have these podcasts to listen to whilst revising (Hunger Games beats English papers any day!)
    Loved the podcast as always! Yes, this conundrum is very confusing… And slightly scary as well. Am I a bad person for wanting the film on DVD already?! :)
    Just a quick thing; in the film Finch (Foxface) has her hair done up in a style known as ‘Fox Ears’ which is kind of cool. Also, perhaps the show could incorporate some parodies that are all over the net at the moment. I say this as the news segment is sure to slow down pretty soon; the film stops airing in my local Picture House on Thursday :(

    NO MORE APRIL FOOLS!! You scared the living daylights out of me!!! Huhhhh… *goes to recover*

    Again, great podcast! Can’t wait for you to start Chapter Chat again~


  1. OMG i thought you would really stop i was so sad!!!! i would be very unhappy if you stopped!!

  2. i think Gary Ross will come back, i think he should, becouse he is AMAZING! if he leaves, it will be reallllllyyyy bad.

  3. you get to hear Foxface’s name in her Interview. it’s very fast, so you have to know it’s coming. :)

    • Rebecca
    • April 10th, 2012

    #1: Gary Ross HAS to come in for Catching Fire. Frankly, I don’t trust anyone else.

    #2: That is a pretty amazing paradox that I have never thought of before… INSANITY!

    #3: I had no idea I wrote that many words in my email… I started laughing my head off when I heard I broke the record :P

    #4: I love chapter chat. I am glad you are doing it again :)

    that will be all :P

    • Rebecca
    • April 10th, 2012

    AH! Sorry for posting multiple comments, but I just found this CRAZY connection! The guy who plays Claudius Templesmith (Toby Jones) also plays Dr. Zola in Captain America, while the guy who plays Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) plays Dr. Erskine in Captain America. My mind was BLOWN!

  4. Gary Ross is leaving. it’s really sad, he did such a good job with the first one, Ireally don’t know hwat catching fire will be like. :/

    Great Podcast,

    • Katniss12
    • April 12th, 2012

    when i heard you saying the show was ending first i was like ACK! *having heart attack* then i said “wait, this is the biggest franchise in the world, WHAT THE HECK????” then you said APRIL FOOLS and I was like ” THAT WAS SO NOT FUNNY I WAS HAVING A FREAKING HEART ATTACK HERE!! ” yeah, its the number one movie in America for three weeks now and has made over 300 million dollars, the fan base is totally dead. Oh, i like The Hunger Games Conundrum better.
    I absolutely LOVE” Abraham’s Daughter” !!!! It isn’t even really my kind of music and still, for some reason i’m totally obsessed with it.
    May the odds be ever in your favor,
    Katniss12 P. S. Where is April? DID SHE DIE? She sleeps with da fishes. Hahaha

    • Katniss12
    • April 12th, 2012

    When i walk out my bakery, this is what i see, Katniss Everdeen is staring at me. I got a loaf in my hands and i aint’ afraid to throw it, throw it, throw it, i’m Peeta and I know it.

      • Foreverdeen
      • April 15th, 2012

      LOL, ROFL, LMHO and all that jazz, that is so funny!!!!!
      btw, LOVE your name ;)

        • Katniss12
        • April 18th, 2012

        Oh, i got more:
        And i set fire, to the bread! Watch it burn as mom, slapped my head! Watch it burn as i cried and i ran outside into the rain, the rain! I set fire to the bread threw it at katniss’ head, then she screamed and i cried and i ra-an inside, inside. ;)

    • Molly
    • April 12th, 2012

    Just saying, you guys are really bad at lieing. You could tell by the tone and expression.
    Ok and I’m kinda mad now because you guys didn’t read a single comment, just emails!!!! I don’t know if you just didn’t think they were good but you really should read them on the show next week.
    Personally I can live with Gary Ross leaving as long as cris Columbus doesn’t replace him and we keep the actors and screen writers.

  5. Hey guys! I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I’d love for you to read my review/synopsis-type-thing of the movie!

    • Foreverdeen
    • April 15th, 2012

    First off, NOT cool guys, I would really not know what to do without this show!
    Second, I just listened to the soundtrack and the score on YT and they were both AWESOME! Especially the score. Somehow I thought it was better than the soundtrack, even though I don’t usually like instrumental stuff, but that was just WOW! :) I think my favourite was Penthouse/Training or The Cave, so great!
    Third, I wish Gary Ross would direct Catching Fire as well, he did such a great job on THG. I don’t trust anyone else. But I think you guys discussed this on an earlier episode, how you hope there would be just one director throughout the whole series, otherwise it could get messed up.
    ♥ rrpodcast

  6. Hahaha you totally got me with that one! D:
    I love your podcast though! That record that you said someone had broken for the longest email sent to you, I’m attempting to break it and write more :D

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