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#35 – Alternate Ending

Welcome, Rebels! We discuss News, including book-to-movie changes, read a Chicken Soup for the Hunger Games’ Soul email, & Chapter Chat! Catching Fire Chapters 23 & 24 are featured in this episode. Do not miss this episode, and thanks for tuning in!

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Night Rebels #04 – Escalation

We reunite with fellow Hunger Games podcast Nightlock to discuss the Quarter Quell Character Posters, as well as the Theatrical Catching Fire Trailer! Follow along at home, and let us know what you thought of the trailer.

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#34 – Catching Fire Trailer

We discuss the first trailer for the Catching Fire film, and read some of our listener mail as well. After the credits, we have a little fun with Story Time and talk about the origins of our show! Enjoy.

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#33 – Tick Tock

Hey Rebels! We’re so sorry for the long delay of this episode, but we hope that the content makes up for it. We kick off 2013 with a few News Stories, Mailbag (Emails and Comments), and jump right back into Chapter Chat: Catching Fire! This week, we discuss Chapters 21 and 22, where we really get into the thick of the games. Enjoy!

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#32 – Fried Force Field Food

We’re back folks! And better than ever. We discuss the latest Breaking News, talk about Chs. 19-20 of Catching Fire during Chapter Chat, and unveil a new segment called “What If?” Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, everybody.

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#31 – Panem Paradigm

Welcome back, folks! In our 31st episode, we delve into News, read off listener Mail, and debut not one, but TWO new segments! Panem Paradigm discusses the idea of representative government in Panem, while Rebels Recommend gives y’all some of the hosts’ recommendations of books and movies. Enjoy!

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#30 – DVD Review

Hello, rebels! In our third decade of podcasting, we discuss the casting of Beetee, the Segment Contest winners, and the Bonus Features on THG DVD! Email us in with your thoughts of the DVD. Thanks for downloading, and enjoy! (Note: We forgot to include Rebels Recommend at the end of the show, which will be included next episode.)

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#29 – Give Them All Twelves!

Welcome back, rebels! This week, Hurley has returned, we have a SEGMENT CONTEST with a great prize (Due Sep. 5th), confirmation of our Finnick casting, Mailbag, and FanHRock. Chapter Chat covers Ch. 17-18 of CF, and covers the tense days leading up to the actual games. Enjoy!

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