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#27 – The Hunger-Over

Welcome back, everybody! This week, we get into exciting casting news, emails, and Chapters 13 and 14 from Catching Fire! We discuss the rules for volunteering for the games, Katniss’s alcohol issues, and whether the Capitol sells VHS tapes of old games. Enjoy!

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#26 – Prim’s Directions

Welcome back, rebels! Finally, we have casting news, emails and comments from listeners, FanHRock, and we discuss Catching Fire: Ch. 11-12! We talk about The Capitol’s District 13 footage, Quarter Quell conspiracy theories, as well as Prim’s bad directional skills. Also, there is an amazing song by a fan that you do NOT want to miss. Enjoy!

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#25 – Quarter Quell

Welcome, all! In our 25th episode (our first Quarter Quell), we have a new theme song, very little news (as usual), the offensive butchering of various accents, emails and comments from listeners, FanHRock, and Chapter Chat for Ch. 9-10 of Catching Fire, where we discuss what would have happened if Peeta was made the Rebellion’s poster child, not Katniss. Enjoy!

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