#25 – Quarter Quell

Welcome, all! In our 25th episode (our first Quarter Quell), we have a new theme song, very little news (as usual), the offensive butchering of various accents, emails and comments from listeners, FanHRock, and Chapter Chat for Ch. 9-10 of Catching Fire, where we discuss what would have happened if Peeta was made the Rebellion’s poster child, not Katniss. Enjoy!

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    • Foreverdeen
    • July 2nd, 2012

    Pleeaassee Hurley, sing again!! Please do a german accent next time (I’m from Germany :D)
    The plan was actually for Peeta to be the “poster boy” but the rebels (from 13) couldn’t save him at the end of the quarter quell, so they took Katniss…

    • W
    • July 2nd, 2012

    For the anniversary Hurley should choose either to put a picture of himself up or sing another song

      • Foreverdeen
      • July 11th, 2012

      THAT is an AWESOME idea :)
      DO IT Hurley! Please?

    • Katniss12
    • July 3rd, 2012

    Hey guys!
    I’ve been thinking lately about some of the unknowns of the Hunger Games series. Such as: how the actual Games came to be. It was probably the Capitol saying, “You’ve hurt us, killed our men in war, rebelled and uproooted our government system, but we can do much worse things to you. Even worse than killing you. We can make you watch us brutally murder your children and make you watch them brutally murder other children.” but it would still be nice to know how they came up with the idea of the Games.
    Also, about the career districts, the books say that they are trained thier whole lives for the arena, but how? In one fan fiction I read there was actually an academy where the kids trained and the head of the academy picked which kids would volunteer. Thoughts?
    Anyway thanks for making the awsome podcasts and keep it up even through the tough no-news spots!
    For your anniversary, I think you should:
    Have Hurley and Alex sing a duet (the Titanic theme was a fantastic idea!)
    Have a huge episode where you do every segment, including In the Arena and Trivia.
    Maybe introduce a new segment where you ask us listeners to come up with the answer to a question and you read the best answer on the show. ( pretty much a fan challenge)
    Example: Katniss is The Girl on Fire, and Peeta is the Boy with the Bread, so what is Gale?
    Sorry for the mega-long comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. HURLEY YOU HAVE TO SING!!!!! that was sooooo awesome. Alex should sing too!!!! that would be awesomeness!!!!

    • Bethany
    • July 5th, 2012

    Hey guys!
    I have a FanHrock suggestion for you. The song is called Act The Part by Cherri Bomb. Here’s the youtube link:

    I think it goes with The Hunger Games because a lot of the lyrics relate to how Katniss has to lie and act in front of the cameras in order to gain sponsors and to please Snow.

    Anyway, thanks for yet another awesome podcast,
    from Bethany

    • teampeetagirl
    • July 9th, 2012

    hai rr! i r be back!! so i have two things to say. i was listening to radio disney the other day and do you know what? they were playing PLAGARISM!
    also, i have a fanHROCK suggestion. its called: moments, by ONE DIRECTION. :) its actually really sad and moving, and fits the Clove/Cato relationship really well. some examples in the lyrics: as i feel myself fall/make a joke of it all AND try to scream out my lungs/it makes this harder. I dont have a link, but just look up ‘one direction- moments’ and it should pop up. Speaking of the most awesome of bands (OneD) do you have any directioners on the podcast? My fav’s Niall. Anyway, consider my suggestion and question. ;)

    Tacos, leprechauns, and hunger games forever,


      • teampeetagirl
      • July 9th, 2012

      um oops. the part about them playing plagarism? before that i meant to say they were playing your dgl theme song. derp ;P

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